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December 10, 2018
Commercial Real Estate Lacey
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Go Green with your Commercial Real Estate in Lacey

For the last few years, sustainable development is all the rage. What is it, though? Simply one of those trendy buzzwords that means nothing except that it allows developers to charge more money? Far from it. Sustainability is rapidly becoming the new, permanent standard in property¬†development. If you’re interested in developing commercial real estate in Lacey, WA, keep reading to learn more about what you need to know.

Commercial Real Estate Lacey

Commercial Real Estate Lacey

What exactly is sustainable development?
At its most basic, sustainable development means the ability for humans to build up infrastructure or other systems while not depleting natural resources or harming the environment. One very big source of concern for the environment is unchecked construction and wasteful practices. Earth’s resources are finite, so it’s important to manage what we have well to ensure long-term growth and prosperity.
How does sustainable development relate to commercial real estate in Lacey?
You might think that there’s no need to worry about the state of development on your property. After all, it’s not like you personally run every gas-guzzling vehicle on the road, or dump waste into the water supply. That said, your projects can and do have an environmental impact. We all owe it to one another and to our descendants to practice green methods of construction and maintenance.

There are many ways in which your business or buildings can affect the environment. Perhaps they use up a large amount of electricity. This, in turn, leads the plant to have to burn more resources to power its machinery. Materials used in the construction process or your daily operations could be seeping into the groundwater.
How to reduce your environmental impact
The first thing to do if you’re really serious about going green is to find out where you need to improve. Hiring a qualified inspection firm gets you an audit from a skilled professional. They can find and notify you of any inefficiency or damaging environmental factors. Once you know where you need to improve, work up a plan to help you meet your goals.

Energy inefficiency is perhaps the most common offender when it comes to environmental impact. You might think that it relates only to running your machinery or appliances all day long, but that’s only part of the issue.

  • Overall Usage: Keeping your appliances and computers on all the time uses up more energy. Turn them off when you don’t need them. If possible, unplug your devices so they don’t even draw power in standby mode.
  • Energy Star Appliances: Replace as many of your devices as possible with those that bear the Energy Star symbol. This indicates that they’re more efficient.
  • Go Solar: If it’s possible for you to do, consider putting solar panels on your roof. The sun’s rays provide extra energy, easing the burden that you place on the local power grid.
  • Insulation: Whether you’re running the air conditioner in the summer or the heater in the winter, it takes energy to manage the temperature in your building. To keep the air at the temperature you want, install high-efficiency insulation and use sealant to cover up any cracks around windows or the door frame. Your HVAC system then has to use far less electricity to get you to your desired temperature.

Benefits of going green
Sure, it gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling to do something positive for the environment, but besides that, what’s in it for you? As a business owner or developer of commercial real estate in Lacey, you can’t justify decisions without taking care of your bottom line. Well, there are several financial incentives in supporting sustainable development.

  • Tax Breaks: The federal and local governments have various ecological programs in place. For instance, you get a tax credit if you install and operate solar power equipment. One thing to note about this is that if you choose to go with a company that offers free or discounted installation, you won’t be eligible for the credit, as those companies rent the equipment out to you and keep the tax credit for themselves.
  • Lowered Bills: If you’re using less electricity, you’re paying less per month to power your property. With proper installation and maintenance, these changes can last long enough to pay for themselves.
  • More Business Opportunities: Many environmentally conscious firms are using positive peer pressure to encourage sustainable development. LEED certification is a marker of a green company. Various large companies won’t actually do business with companies that don’t have LEED certification. Taking care of the environment gives you more opportunities to connect with like-minded companies.
  • Customer Goodwill: Potential customers or renters often shop around to find the most environmentally friendly companies. Being able to toot your own horn brings in more willing customers.

Sustainable Commercial Real Estate Lacey

Find a green partner with Kaufman construction and development
Bringing your property up to speed for sustainable development is no easy task. If you want to do it right, you need to turn to a professional. Here at Kaufman Construction and Development, we’re experts in green practices. We’ve been in the community for decades and have roots going back multiple generations. We care about the environment and our neighbors very much.

Our services include planning for your real estate, as well as construction, remodeling, and regular maintenance. Working with Kaufman at every step of the way means that you have an ally who knows the ins and outs of your property and how to best care for them. We offer multiple plans that scale to suit your needs or budget concerns. You can start small and then upgrade to more comprehensive plans as you become more successful.

There’s no reason to let another day go by without taking care of your property’s green development. Give us a call or use the handy contact form on this page to set up a free consultation. We sit down with you and explain everything in plain English so you know what to expect. Turn to Kaufman and let us be your partner in prosperity and sustainable development.

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