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October 27, 2017
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Construction Site Security and Safety
Worksite Security and Safety
When handling a construction project, it is important for building contractors to implement the right security measures. And in Shelton and other cities in Mason County where we are seeing increasing growth, this is of extreme importance.

Threats in construction sites differ depending on the nature of the site, location, and the size of the project. The time frame which the project is expected to take can also determine the kind of risk likely to occur on the site. However, the most common risks are:

• Assets and properties on site
• Safety of workers within the construction site
• Daily operations

These risks are mostly as a result of vandalism, theft, and terrorism. Construction sites are often targeted because they hold high-value material and equipment. And unless the company in charge takes the right security measures, there is a high likelihood of the above threats occurring. Taking the right precautions helps keep trespassers away and minimize those threats.

Fencing and Erecting Gates

This is the most common security measure but unfortunately, there are still some construction companies that ignore it. Erecting a fence keeps intruders out and also prevents the general public from straying into the site and causing accidents. Whether the project takes a few week or months, a temporary fence goes a long way in enhancing security.

Post Notices against Trespassing

Passers-by may be tempted to venture beyond walls and fences. However, signs and notices hung outside the site help to warn against unauthorized trespassing. These notices will not only help keep unauthorized individuals away, it may also cause experienced criminals to think twice before breaking into the site.

Ensuring the Site is Properly Lit

In most cases, criminals prefer breaking into places that are dark. Many construction sites have dark areas where thieves and vandals can access without being noticed. To ensure your site is safe from intruders, we ensure that every part of your construction site is properly lit.

CCTV Cameras

Having a CCTV on your construction site might not deter someone who is determined to steal, but it will make it much easier for authorities to identify and catch them afterward. Placement of cameras in strategic locations of the construction site helps to capture anyone who trespasses.

Security Guards

These days, many businesses are investing in security guards. And the construction industry is no exception. Having guards on the site is like adding another layer of protection on top of the other security measures already put in place. The guards are beneficial in that they can patrol the site examining any particular changes that might have occurred. In case of any disturbance, they will be quick in asking for reinforcement and preventing danger before it happens.

For high-end construction that takes safety and security seriously, contact Kaufman Construction & Development.

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