Why Lacey is Prime for Commercial Leasing

5 Questions About Commercial Real Estate in Olympia
August 31, 2017

Commercial Property for Lease in Lacey WA by Kaufman Construction & Development
Why Business Owners Choose Lacey, Washington

Business owners looking to expand or start a business in the Pacific Northwest turn to Thurston County for a variety of reasons. In short, Lacey offers:

  • Convenient proximity to the I-5 freeway
  • A city government supportive of community development
  • Affordability for homebuyers and¬†entrepreneurs
  • Low average leasing prices for businesses
  • An active, engaged, growing community
  • A strong, thriving economy
  • Infrastructure to support industrial transportation and development

Light-industrial development areas

Northeast Lacey, in particular, is expected to grow significantly in the next twenty years. According to The Olympian newspaper, the area could see 4 million square feet of commercial development and welcome 4,000 more residents by the year 2035. Major projects include several distribution warehouses, retail developments, apartment complexes, warehouses, and a satellite college campus. Kaufman Construction & Development currently offers land along the prominent Marvin Road.

Balancing business growth and livability

All of this development has been carefully considered by planning commissions and city councils over the years, bearing in mind the balance needed to achieve sustainable growth and livability. This includes ensuring that Lacey remains a place where families can thrive as well as businesses. Part of means setting aside well-maintained recreational areas like city parks, green spaces, tree tracts, and forest trails.

A supportive community development department

Lacey’s city website provides business owners with a wealth of information regarding licensing and taxes, planning and zoning, and code enforcement. There is also a section dedicated to the finance department and how it can help with processing permits and payments.

Leasing commercial property in Lacey
Sometimes it’s safer for business owners to lease before buying or building a permanent facility. Not to mention the countless benefits of waiting for the right time to commit to a long-term location. Leasing commercial real estate means increased flexibility and lower upfront costs. Furthermore, you have a support system in the form of a property management team to help handle upgrades, repairs, and a bit of bookkeeping.

Existing properties along prominent thoroughfares are available for lease now. Whether your business operations require large warehouse facilities or a 1,000 square foot office space, our property management team can help you find a space that best accommodates your needs. With over 1 million square feet of warehouse, office and retail space within Thurston and Mason Counties, the only difficulty will be choosing between favorites!

Commercial real estate lease agreements

Commercial leasing agreements can be cryptic, with paragraphs of legal jargon that leave business owners with more questions than answers. Kaufman Construction & Development helps you understand how do the terms benefit you and what the long-term benefits are of each type. We also help you understand the leasing market in your desired area, including accessibility and proximity to similar industries.

Don’t hesitate to ask about the types of leases we have available and what the advantages are of each one. Being transparent about the unit’s condition is easy because we are known for always providing clean, properly functioning spaces. However, if our clients notice something that needs adjustments or upgrades, we work closely with them to make sure their needs are adequately met.

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