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Commercial Land in Yelm by Kaufman Constructino & Development

Commercial Land for Retail, Recreational, Assembly, Light Industrial, Manufacturing and Office

Yelm is a growing community in Thurston County with endless potential for growth and great opportunities for business owners. Commercial space is available all over the area, and the town itself boasts several hundred acres of raw land on which business owners can design and build the perfect new space to carry out daily operations.

Kaufman Construction & Development has been living and working in the area for over fifty years and has strong ties to the community, which makes us leaders in the industry and expert advisors when it comes to planning for the future of our client’s businesses.

As a full-service commercial real estate, construction, and development company, we help you manage everything involved in creating a new space for your business.

You know you’re getting quality products and services from an established, local company when you choose Kaufman Construction & Development. Contact us for complete commercial land sale and development.

Why Start or Expand Your Business in Yelm, Washington?

Yelm is known for its forward-thinking philosophy when it comes to community planning, including efficient and high-quality land use. As far back as 1955, the city envisioned how future development plans would relate to access to the proposed state highway (now, SR-510 and SR-507). Since then, the city council has continuously updated plans according to comprehensive zoning regulations and the Growth Management Act.

The most recent level of planning integrated land use with funding and developing urban infrastructure. Yelm now accommodates substantial residential growth and works responsibly towards establishing itself as a primary commercial center.

Browse our commercial land listings for:

  • Vacant land with value projected to increase
  • Industrial properties for manufacturing or warehouse space
  • Retail properties of various sizes and areas designed for distribution centers

Doing Business in The Nisqually River Valley

Aside from the area’s economic vitality and active community, Yelm is considered the “Pride of the Prairie” as it sits on a fertile 600-acre plain just east of Mount Rainier National Park. The region is rich in Native history as well as natural beauty and offers access to Tacoma and Olympia, both a half-hour drive to the North and West respectively.

Living and doing business here means being part of a city that has and continues to make great strides by focusing on industry, retail, community pride, and tourism. Much of these efforts include efficient vehicular circulation and aesthetic improvements that retain the town’s unique character. Kaufman Construction & Development is proud to partner with you in growing your business in this thriving area.

Find the Best Commercial Lot for Your Daily Operations

Check out our listings page where you can browse available commercial land. When you’ve found something that suits you, contact our office. Our property management team will answer any questions you have about our building contractor services as well as help guide you through the next steps of design and construction. We don’t just sell commercial land and walk away; we are your partner through the whole process and will still be around for support after your project is completed.

Our team is very selective when it comes to commercial land, choosing properties that sit in the path of economic progress so our clients can be confident in their future. We offer experience in locating prime properties and we do our best to make each real estate transaction as smooth as possible.

Contact our property management team about available commercial property!