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Commercial Leasing Lacey

Commercial Leasing in Lacey, Washington

Leasing commercial space is a big step for a new or expanding business. However, it is a good alternative for business owners who are reluctant to buy property due to the demands of up-front capital.

Commercial leases differ from residential types in a few critical ways. It’s important to understand those differences, and why commercial real estate leases with Kaufman Construction & Development are ideal for businesses in Lacey.

Is commercial leasing right for your business?

While it’s tempting to buy or build a structure for your commercial needs, sometimes it’s wise to choose to find property for lease instead. This option means that initial costs are low and your business has more flexibility. If you are leaning toward staying a tenant, our property leases can fit your needs. But make sure to ask the right questions before settling.

Lower your initial costs and increase flexibility by leasing one of our commercial buildings.

Take a look at our property listings to find a space that suits you best!

Commercial Leasing Lacey WAHere are some benefits of commercial leasing versus owning:

  • Instead of the typical down payment and various other fees required by Small Business Administration loans, real estate leasing only requires a deposit and initial rent.
  • Your company’s lease payments are usually tax deductible, which means decreased monthly occupancy costs in the long run.
  • A leased space has no impact on your overall liabilities and assets.
  • Our property management team offers ongoing maintenance services.
  • If your business experiences dramatic changes, a leased space gives you the flexibility to move without worrying about selling the property.

Questions to ask before deciding on a property for lease in Lacey.

We are the right company for your commercial leasing needs in Lacey because our construction and development business operates with a full property management team. While leasing over 1 million square feet of warehouse, office and retail space throughout Thurston and Mason Counties, our leases come with the guarantee to provide spaces that will not only meet your needs but enhance your business image and improve daily processes. The choice to lease a commercial property is a big one, which is why we are always transparent and fair in our negotiations.

Helpful tips for getting started in your search for property:

  • Look over the terms of the leasing agreement. How do the terms benefit you?
  • What is the rental market like in your desired area?
  • Which types of leases are available? Long-term? Short-term? What are the advantages of each?
  • Does the unit need adjustments? Are improvements included in the lease?

When you decide whether you want to lease or buy, you can count on us to provide a quality space that you can be proud of. We are invested in our customers and tenants, which means that our property management team will always offer fair terms and lease options that benefit you in addition to prompt, reliable support.

Quality Office Buildings and Property for Lease Near You.

Our tenants can attest to the countless benefits of leasing with Kaufman Construction & Development. Working with our clients from beginning to end, we are happy to offer initial information about our process, terms, and ongoing updates and maintenance. The long-term relationships we’ve established with our current tenants have saved them time and money so they can operate their businesses worry-free. Don’t hesitate. Improve your business with our commercial rental properties today.

Contact us for more information about our commercial lease terms.

Our friendly, hard-working team is ready to answer your questions about available properties, lease terms and agreements, and ongoing support. Call us to get started on your new commercial development.