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Commercial Leasing in Tumwater by Kaufman Construction & Development

Commercial Leasing for Your Business

When you’re not quite ready to jump into ownership, leasing might be a great option. Kaufman Construction & Development can help you find the perfect building for lease to accommodate your daily operations. From small offices to large industrial warehouses, we have a number of properties to choose from in Tumwater.

Our family business has been managing properties in the area for over fifty years and has a strong connection to the area. We want your business to succeed which is why we help you find the location that ensures growth by maximizing visibility and accessibility.

Let us help you find your ideal commercial space. Our current tenants can attest to our stellar property management service, including quick response times, and quality building upgrades.

Leasing gives you flexibility and low-cost benefits.

When you’re ready to own commercial property in Tumwater, you don’t have to go elsewhere! Our development services can help you pick up where you leave off.

Clean, Functional Property for Lease in Tumwater

Property leasing doesn’t mean you’re stuck with operating out of a sub-par building. Properties that we manage meet the same high standards of our new construction with the added benefit of lower upfront costs for you. We manage over 1 million square feet of retail, warehouse, and office space. Each building has lots of usable floor area that will streamline your daily operations, aiding the success of your business in the short and long term. 

The Kaufman family only provides fair, transparent lease terms, helping our clients understand the contract terms, including all provisions and variables. We are rooted in the community, making sure our clients are satisfied and successful as it reflects the vitality of the city as a whole. Our goal is to ensure the success of everyone involved.

Is leasing the best bet for your business?

Not sure about your business’s growth potential in the area? We can talk to you about similar businesses we manage and how they’ve achieved success with the help of our long-term leasing services. And if you’re not in it for the long haul, we can talk about shorter term lease options.

Here are some advantages of commercial leasing 

  • Small Business Administration loans ask for down payments. Commercial leasing removes the loan factor altogether.
  • Commercial rental payments can be tax deductible, saving you money in the long term.
  • Your liability is reduced in a commercial rental space.
  • A management team takes care of most upgrades and repairs.
  • Leasing eliminates the need to sell in the case of unforeseen changes to your business.

Commercial Property for Lease Tumwater

Leasing Commercial or Industrial Property

Tumwater is a beautiful growing community on the outskirts of Washington’s capital city. Projected for steady economic growth, the city is prime for new or expanding businesses to be a part of its success. Several businesses have relocated to Tumwater in recent years where they can operate with greater ease while still remaining vital.

Our property team can schedule visits to properties in the area and help you organize the steps involved in relocating. You don’t have to worry about quality. Our properties are regularly maintained, cleaned, and offer energy efficiency and structural safety.

Get started on leasing your new commercial or industrial space today!