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Design-Build in Centralia by Kaufman Construction & Development
How a Design-Build Contract StreamlinesYour Construction Project

Design-build is a construction and design process that Kaufman Construction & Development uses to unify workflow, maintain clear communication, and deliver superior results. By working under a single contract, our team consistently provides faster, better-managed design and construction services for project owners. Furthermore, owners have more influence over how their facility looks and functions by being more strategically and proactively involved in the beginning stages.

Using this process, changes and schedule setbacks are minimized as a result of a more integrated team of designers, contractors, sub-contractors, and sub-consultants. These otherwise disparate entities work as an alliance, fostering teamwork and collaboration. This, in turn, results in faster, more cost effective project with few change orders along the way.

A Smart Alternative to the Traditional Construction Delivery Method
The design-build process has gained significant popularity in the last twenty years, though it is still considered an alternative to the most common form of commercial construction delivery – Design-Bid-Build. In the Design-Bid-Build system, there are multiple points of responsibility. This can sometimes increase the risk of the owner becoming a middleman between the designer and contractor.

Here are the advantages of the design-build option according to the Design-Build Institute of America:

Metric Design-Build Vs. Design-Bid-Build
Unit Cost 6.1% Lower
Construction Speed 12% Faster
Delivery Speed 33.5% Faster
Cost Growth 5.2% Less
Schedule Inrease 11.4% Less


Choosing a Delivery Method for the Commercial Construction Process
There are many benefits to choosing the design-build option, including consistency and reliance on just one entity. Instead of receiving potentially flawed plans from a separate group of designers and architects or engineers, and then submitting them to various contractors for bids, this system eliminates that second step. Additionally, owners are relieved of potential disputes between unintegrated parties.

At Kaufman Construction & Development, our designers and constructors have an affinity for working as a unified team. And because so many of our clients have shifted from business partners to friends, we expect no less going forward.

Construction projects are complex. But we believe that our job in helping growing businesses succeed has a lot to do with attitude; which is not complex at all. As a family business, it’s in our nature to think and act as a cohesive whole through creative problem solving, cooperation, and mutual respect. And we are thrilled to bring these elements together to help you make your business dream a reality.


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Our business has been providing reputable construction and real estate services in and around Lewis County for over fifty years. This is why we have a stake in the region and love to help growing business take the leap into ownership or large-scale facility upgrades. We offer flexibility and know how to create savings for our clients as well as quality and functionality for all end-users. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation and modern pre-construction methods that other contractors don’t offer.


Why Centralia?

Centralia is, as the name implies, central. Situated between the major urban hubs of Seattle and Portland, this spirited community offers convenient access for business travelers and adventurers alike. The adjacent Gifford Pinchot National Forest is home to the spectacular Mount Saint Helens as well as countless opportunities for horseback riding, fishing, camping, hiking, and mountain biking. Businesses are choosing Centralia because of its proximity to I-5, affordability, and business development support from the city government.