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Design Build Lacey

The Design-Build System

Kaufman Construction & Development uses an integrated system called design-build, which is a method of construction that aligns the design-build team and Lacey project owners under a single contract. This keeps the flow of concept to completion more united, and the roles of designer and constructor better unified.

Before making a final decision on a building process, business owners should consider the consequences and benefits of each type. There are a few basic avenues an owner can choose when embarking on a commercial construction delivery method, including design-bid-build and construction management at risk.

In order to make a sound decision that minimizes risks across the board, owners must consider several important factors such as:

  • Budget
  • Level of owner control
  • Schedule
  • A quality and responsive design process
  • Risk assessment

What are the design-build advantages?

The Design-build construction process is superior to the more traditional project delivery of “design-bid-build” because it keeps otherwise separate entities together. This is especially beneficial to the owner because instead of managing two contracts, they can manage just one – the designer/contractor “design-build entity.

As a design-build company, we offer the lowest cost, most efficient contract option available in the industry.

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This method streamlines the process by creating an alliance between designers and building contractors for projects in Lacey. The benefits of design-build versus traditional systems include:

  • Collaborative, productive teamwork
  • Fast results
  • Cost-effective projects
  • Fewer changes during the process

  • Unit costs stay low
  • Construction speed increases
  • Delivery speed increases

According to the Design-Build Institute of America, “Over the past few decades, use of design-build in both private and public sectors has greatly accelerated in the United States, making design-build one of the most significant trends in design and construction today.”

Design-Build Contractors with History and Integrity

Kaufman Construction & Development designs and builds structures for commercial and industrial clients. With over fifty years of construction experience, you can be confident that not only will we provide you with quality service, but we will still be here when your project is completed.
Design Build Lacey WA

Previous construction projects include:

  • Morrow Crane in Puyallup, WA
  • Industrial buildings in Lacey, WA
  • Fed Ex building in Lacey, WA
  • The Spa Depot in Tumwater, WA

Our design-build contractors work with customers through the entire process. The project manager continually looks for opportunities to engineer each project with value and respect. Our team works collaboratively to fast-track your project so it is built with no delay.

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Kaufman Construction & Development, in its second generation of family ownership, has over fifty years of reputable experience building and leasing properties in Thurston, Pierce, Mason, Lewis, and Grays Harbor Counties.

We value flexibility and know how to create savings for our clients as well as quality for the end-user. Find out why we are leaders in the construction and development industry. Call us for a no-obligation consultation and state-of-the-art pre-construction methods that other contractors don’t offer.