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Design-Build in Olympia

What is Design-Build?

Developing an acquisition strategy can be one of the most important moves a business owner makes when launching a construction project. Their strategy in the beginning can have lasting impacts on the final product, which is why Kaufman Construction & Development offers Design build in Olympia. But why is the design-build delivery system preferable to other common methods?

First, the core idea of design-build is to link together otherwise disparate teams of designers, architects, and contractors. According to the Design-Build Institute of America, ” This method of project delivery includes one entity (design-builder) and a single contract with the owner to provide both architectural/engineering design services and construction.”

Owners must have a good idea of the delivery choices available, as well as the impact each will have on the final product. Design-build is an alternative to traditional, and sometimes more risky, delivery methods such as design-bid-build and multi-prime. All options vary in their relationships among involved parties.

In order to make a sound decision that minimizes risks, owners must consider several important factors such as:

  • Budget
  • Level of owner control
  • Schedule
  • A quality and responsive design process
  • Risk assessment

Design-Build streamlines the process

We employ the design-build method in our commercial construction projects because it fast-tracks the design and construction process by integrating the teams. Additionally, this method is preferable because there is only a single contract — between the owner and design-builder. In the end, this decision fosters collaboration and teamwork more so than with the other methods.

Here are some other advantages for you as the owner and primary decision maker:

  • Collaborative, productive teamwork
  • Fast results
  • Cost-effective projects
  • Fewer changes during the process

  • Unit costs stay low
  • Increased construction speed
  • Delivery speed increases

The owner determines the building performance standards within the contract, and we deliver them on time and cost-efficiently. Since our designers and contractors work together through the entire process, it’s easier to meet budget standards. In addition, there are fewer changes and increased transparency between all involved parties.

Olympia Commercial Design-Build

Choose Design-Build Contractors with Extensive Local Experience

Kaufman Construction & Development delivers innovative design excellence in all of its projects. We have several completed buildings on display around the Olympia area and are more than happy to share our customer testimonials.

Located in Olympia, our team has strong ties to the area. We take great care to work with our clients through the entire process, making sure to examine and communicate every detail.  You can confidently move forward knowing that your project will exceed expectations and that we’ll still be around when it’s completed. Each project is engineered with value and respect, as well as regard for the end-user.

Contact us for design-build services that save you time and money

Design-build is the right pre-construction method for your commercial project in Olympia. Find out why we’re leaders in our industry. Call us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation, take a look at our available commercial properties, or get more information on our comprehensive services that other companies don’t provide.