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About Our Design-Build Services for Shelton WA

design build shelton wa

Our construction company offers design-build options that streamline your next commercial property project. With design-build deliveries, Kaufman’s team of designers, structural engineers, and builders work together under a single contract to complete commercial, industrial, and other projects in Shelton, WA.

So, why choose a design-build delivery system over other traditional pre-construction methods?

The advantage of design-build is simplicity

A successful design-build construction project streamlines a delivery when both a designer and builder already in place. Plus, discussing budget during the design phase helps to keep the project financially realistic.

Bring your dream concept to us.

Our team of architects and builders will deliver.

Kaufman’s Design-Build Options

Do you want a steel-built commercial site you can pass down from one generation to the next? Our long-running company knows the pride in passing the baton from enterprising family to the next.

  • Our design-build team, consisting of designers and structural engineers, takes a collaborative effort to a building contract rather than a competitive one.
  • Our design-build projects start with your vision for the business. Then, our expert designers and builders at Kaufman Construction & Development work together to turn your vision into a delivered facility.

    The result: a faster and more cost-effective project.

    In order to make a sound decision that minimizes risks, owners must consider several important factors such as:

    • Budget
    • Level of owner control
    • Schedule
    • A quality and responsive design¬†process
    • Risk assessment

    By factoring out the bidding war between contractors, design-build conveniently meets both the contracted time and budget standards. We make sure every commercial building is done right the first time.

    Save Time and Money with Design-Build

    Design Build Shelton WA
    Within the contract, the owner of the project decides the building performance standards for commercial building projects. The timeline, risk assessment, and budget are some of the most important factors decided by you.

    It’s our job to deliver on these standards for a timely and cost-effective result. Our reputation of building for healthcare, industrial, government, retail, and a variety of other sites demonstrate how we meet those standards.

    Here are some other advantages you the owner and primary decision maker have when choosing design-build as your method of project:

    • Collaborative, productive teamwork
    • Fast results
    • Cost-effective projects
    • Fewer changes during the process

    • Unit costs stay low
    • Increased construction speed
    • Delivery speed increases

    In addition, there are fewer changes and increased transparency between all involved parties. For example, specifications that might be misinterpreted within design-bid-build contracts are instead communicated clearly within Kaufman’s design-build team.

    In other words, our design-builders know how to get the job done right the first time around.

    Kaufman’s design-build method has proven to deliver successful structures while cutting out bidding wars between contractors.

    Who We Are

    Kaufman Construction & Development started serving greater Washington over 50 years ago. Since then, two generations of family ownership have designed, built, leased, and developed commercial properties throughout the beautiful Northwest.

    Contact us for inquiries about design-build delivery, construction, leasing or development. Our project managers, designers, engineers, and builders are the cornerstones of your dream commercial property.