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Metal Building Contractor Tumwater by Kaufman Construction & Development

Pre-Engineered Metal Building Contractor

We know it’s a big step to expand your business, which is why we work hard to simplify the process for you. Whether it’s starting from scratch on a new piece of property or adding structures to your current space, Kaufman Construction & Development specializes in efficient steel building construction.

Steel is the standard framing material for industrial and commercial warehouses because it’s durable and can withstand heavy industrial use. And for spaces upwards of 30,000 square feet, metal framing and siding makes the most economic sense.

Industrious business operators deserve high-performance construction for their daily duties.

Our metal building construction can be customized to suit your retail, warehouse, shop, or agricultural needs.

Property for Steel Building Construction

Going to a separate real estate company to find land for your warehouse can involve a lot of confusing back and forth communication. Our contracting company includes an integrated property management team so you only have one point of contact from beginning to end. We work with you to come up with a clear design, including a range of size and styles to choose from. If you have yet to acquire land for your building, we can give you a list of available properties that we own in and around Tumwater.

Metal buildings for lease or sale

Several of our existing properties are home to a variety of metal warehouses and retail space. Recent projects in Tumwater include a commerce lot and land primed for development. Not ready for construction? We can supply an existing building until you’re ready to take the leap. Have a look at some of our metal building spaces for lease.

A Full-Service, Turnkey Construction Company

Modern steel building systems should always meet your requirements for storage, usable space, conveyor systems, and any other functional requirements. If your business involves having frequent visitors, we know how to balance comfort and accessibility with utility.

We offer complete turnkey services spanning sales, laying foundations, and erecting of pre-engineered steel structures such as barns and commercial warehouse facilities. We work to meet your expectations as we are experienced in the unique challenges of creating spaces that suit a variety of industries.

We are proficient in managing every aspect of the metal building project for our clients:

Metal Building in Tumwater

Site Preparation to Erecting

Not sure the metal structures you’ve seen are the best option for your business? Metal buildings are great for a variety of uses, and since their components are customizable, owners can be creative with style. Ask about options for frames and roofing, insulation types, wall color, finishes, windows, trim, and access door styles. Depending on your needs, we can also install roof vents, light panels, or exterior metal canopies.

Our team knows how to minimize costs through thoughtful planning, design, fabrication, and on-site erection. Hundreds of past clients can verify our strict adherence to schedules and budgets. Just ask for references or a portfolio of our past work.

Call us to get started on building a durable metal home for your business in Tumwater!