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Property Development Olympia by Kaufman Construction & Development

More Than Just Property Development

From outlining to overseeing, complex development projects require the right strategies to ensure success. Kaufman Construction & Development has a long track record of spearheading large-scale planning and land development projects in tandem with our property management team. Our success can be attributed not only to our attractive and functional structures, but the partnerships forged through clear messaging and treating each project as more than a simple business transaction.

The success of your business relies on first choosing the right development company.

We help make the process easy so you can focus on the long-term needs of your business.

Comprehensive and Versatile Property Developers

We manage all contracting, pre-development, and master planning for proposed developments as well as construction and all of the final phases. Our designing and managing as well as supplying and erecting are streamlined to minimize the time our clients have to wait. Our team proficiently analyzes and provides solutions to regulatory challenges, phasing, and market potential, building strictly in the “path of progress” to ensure growth and increasing value for our clients.

  • Proud, active community members 

The Kaufman family has been in business for over fifty years, and over that time has maintained a strong connection to the Olympia community. We participate in the greater business community through local Rotary groups and Chambers and Economic Development Councils of the five-county area. Our memberships range from the Olympia Master Builders Association to our family’s contributions in support of charitable organizations like the Hands On Children’s Museum.

  • All-around business experts  

Our staff and executives are experts in consulting, planning,  selecting sites, purchasing land, designing, financing, leasing property, property management, brokerage, construction, and engineering. We navigate every phase of the development process and build trust and confidence between partners. We plan ahead and evaluate business strategies to ensure that the final outcome is something all involved parties can take pride in.

  • Focused on our client’s long-term goals

Kaufman Construction & Development resides in Olympia and builds locally. This is highly valuable for clients who need a property developer who is nearby and has a stake in the social, environmental, and economic health of the city.

Developing Commercial Real Estate in Olympia

Property Development in Olympia
Kaufman Development & Construction specializes in commercial and industrial spaces. Since property development is so multifaceted, we have several teams who specialize in all different areas. And though our scope is broad, managing everything from leases to construction, we maintain strong connections to ensure we’re always moving ahead at a predictable pace.

A list of current real estate available for development is always available. Contact us to discuss property characteristics that appeal to you. All of our properties are located in or near Olympia, ensuring convenience for your processes and maximizing accessibility. Our properties range from 1-acre parcels to raw 200+ acre lots. Before purchasing land, we assess the health of the area’s market. This ensures that your business will continue to grow in value over the years.

Contact our office for more information about property develpment opportunities.